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upcoming shows

Hey folks. heres the first official post in this community!
Hopefully we can get some members flowing in. but nonetheless:
Here's the upcoming shows post!

Apr 25 2006 6:00P
Axis Boston, MA
Apr 26 2006 7:00P
Higher Ground South Burlington, VT
Apr 27 2006 7:00P
Toad's Place New Haven, CT
Apr 28 2006 6:00P
Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Providence, RI
May 1 2006 7:00P
Crocodile Rock Allentown, PA
May 2 2006 8:00P
Irving Plaza New York, NY
May 8 2006 7:00P
Sonar Baltimore, MD
May 10 2006 6:00P
St. Andrews Hall Detroit, MI
May 11 2006 5:30P
House of Blues Chicago, IL
May 12 2006 6:30P
Orbit Room Grand Rapids, MI
May 13 2006 7:00P
Headliners Toledo, OH
May 15 2006 7:00P
Jillian's Louisville, KY
May 16 2006 7:00P
The Loft Atlanta, GA
May 17 2006 6:30P
The State Theatre St. Petersburg, FL
May 19 2006 7:00P
House of Blues N. Myrtle Beach, SC
May 20 2006 7:00P
Ziggy's Winston-Salem, NC
May 21 2006 6:30P
Rockettown Nashville, TN
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